Ayr nasal spray is a no medicated drug with varieties of uses. Ayr is an artificial type of natural hormone named as arginine vasopressin which is important in balance of blood pressure and blood, intestinal and abdominal movements, and also to keep kidneys and uterus in proper function.

Ayr is generally available in gel as well as spray form, gel is basically prescribed for children while, adults can use sprays. The accurate dosage will need error and trial to achieve the required results with sensitivity to treatment being regulated and verified by a number of nights the sufferer is able to sleep without difficulty in breathing or how many times, he has to wake up and use the rest room.

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Ayr nasal sprays are basically used to moist the dry nasal passages, thins and losses congestion due to allergy and cold and to treat inflamed tissues. Your physician will prescribe it automatically when considering your medical history and current nasal problem. He suggests you to use it often to remain safe from inflammation in tissues of nose and keep your nose clean and moist. Dryness caused by climate, travelling, hormonal changes, respiratory infections, oxygen therapy plus excess use of nasal decongestants can be cured with Ayr nasal spray. Stinging or burning due to the use of other drops or sprays can also be avoided, improve your breathing abilities as well.

When your nose is congested as a result of the expansion in lining of nasal membranes, Ayr nasal spray constricts your blood vessels and treats congestion. Though regular usage of nasal spray might increase the membrane tolerance, thereby reduces the effects of this spray. To keep safe from this condition, you have to increase the use of nasal spray. Once you have stopped using Ayr nasal spray, your congestion problem will rebound with same intensity- you can avoid it by using it frequently. Buy ayr nasal spray to remain safe from cold, fever and other nasal problems in winter as well.

Ayr nasal spray can be used even to treat diseases of other body parts, where the medicines get absorbed into blood vessels through the nose. When spraying, the drain of medicine should be avoided through the throat as it is unpleasant in taste. If it happens, immediately drink fluids.

Congestion is very irritating and directly effect on your sleep, and thus resulted in the disturbance in your daily routine. Inhaling steam is a primary solution to treat mucus, but Ayr nasal spray is the best. Although, it is not a medicated product for nose problems, still it is an effective remedy and doctors are even suggesting to their patients. It is a good doctor for sinus sufferers, it is helpful to breathe easily up-to 12 hours. Also used to reduce inflammation, however, its overuse can cause burning and stinging, even cause excess sneezing or mucus. Therefore, buy ayr nasal spray and experience lot more advantages by yourself. But make sure that you will use it in particular quantity every time as it has some side effects as well.

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